Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New Wii Games

Well, Christmas (and a preceding child's birthday) produced a few more games for the Wii. First out of the box was Cars - Race'O'Rama. It's OK, but graphics are a bit flakey. Consiudering its a gmae for young children, its a right pain getting it all set up ready for them to use. Second was F1 2009 - this is a great game. Really good graphics (for the Wii), and the controller work really well. Two player mode is great fun. really difficult on the more advanced settings too.

Finally, and best, is Wii Sports Resort. Love this one. The Wii Motion plus seems to work well, much more accurate. Not tried everything yet, but enjoy (as do the boys and other half!) the free flight mode in the seaplane, just looking around for stuff. Great fun, and a well produced game overall.

Also got a couple of second hand games last November - Twilight Princess and Prince of Persia. However, time has been limited so not much to report on those! Second hand prices on Ebay are pretty good for Wii games, especially the less wwell known ones. Just have to watch out for scratched disks!