Monday, 14 September 2009

Grrr. Subscriptions text message services

Really really really ANGRY. Received my mobile phone bill (From o2), which normally is at most a couple of quid a month, to find it was over a tenner. Reading the itemised bill, I received three text messages for which I was charged £10!!!!

Two ranting phone calls later to o2 and still no nearer what happened. On the second, the call centre woman hung up on me, despite not a single swear word being spoken, although I was rather rude after her condescending attitude tipped me over the edge !! I appear to have subscribed to some service, which I didn't do, so I think when my eldest was playing games on the phone, he may have accidentally tried to turn on the full game, rather than the demo. It's a bit shoddy that a 7 years old can accidentally run up a bill without any form of checking by the subscription service that it was intentional. I'll try and get hold of them and see if I can get the money back - after all I haven't received any service in reply, so why have I been billed....even the games are still demo's as far as I can tell. Grrrr. I can honestly say I have never been angrier.