Saturday, 19 September 2009

Overpriced mower drive belts...

Couple of weeks ago, I was cutting the lawn on my Murray Sentinel sit on mower, when the drive belt snapped and I drifted to a halt with 4/5ths of the lawn still to go.

After much scrabbling about underneath, I found I had an old fan belt of about the right length, so fitted that. It was a bit small in width, but enabled me to complete the lawn, but obviously I needed to get the correct size of belt in the near future. Looking up prices (on Ebay) was a shock, between £10 and £25 including delivery. I thought that was a bit much so did some investigation. Turns out the belt I need (Murray size 37x65) is the same as a completely standard A28 belt.

£2.30 + £1.30 postage from bearingseller on Ebay. Since I bought it I have found places even cheaper for the belt, but postage can be a bit high!

Fitted it today - a perfect fit (and fitting is pretty easy). Mower running well, and now for some reason the brakes work a bit better.

Well chuffed!